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High-Bandwidth Internet Access, Dark Fiber, Metro Ethernet and Colocation Services Under One Roof.

Pittsburgh-based means a passionate partner for your business, with fast installations and quick, local support.

Your neighbors…your partners
Established in 1997, DQE Communications is a subsidiary of Pittsburgh-based Duquesne Light Holdings, and presently operates in Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Blair, Butler, Greene, Indiana, Mercer, Somerset, Washington and Westmoreland counties. Pittsburgh is our home, and DQE Communications is dedicated to the vitality of the Pittsburgh region and our fellow businesses here. This means that you, our customers, enjoy a level of support unequaled by any other provider.

Duquesne Light Holdings is a financially stable company with nearly $4-billion in assets. This stability, in addition to our long-standing presence in the community, is your assurance that we will continue to be your reliable partner, to serve your needs and plan, operate, and support your network for years to come.

Committed to growth
Like any business, DQE Communications’ goal is to grow and thrive. DQE Communications has been strategically growing, expanding our network to reach more buildings, carefully building redundancy and maintaining our commitment to performance at every step. This will allow us to not only reach more customers, but also to better serve the customers who are already our partners.

The DQE Communications Difference
What distinguishes DQE Communications from other providers? What makes DQE Communications the right choice for your organization, both technologically and financially? Many factors, including…

  • Pittsburgh-based means the fastest possible installations and support from local customer service and operations teams
  • Coverage: DQE Communications’ network covers thousands of miles in our 11-county region, and is already located in a growing list of several hundred of the region’s top commercial buildings
  • Reliability: DQE Communications’ self-healing, fiber optic, ring-based architecture offers superior redundancy. In the event of a failure the network automatically detects and redirects it to maintain continuous service