Commercial Buildings

DQE Communications supports the varying needs of commercial buildings with high-performance connectivity - a big benefit for building owners and their tenants.

There is a long list of factors driving the demand for fiber in Commercial Buildings. Some current trends include:

• Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G Utilization
• Mobile Computing
• Data Mining/Business Analytics
• Cloud-Based Applications
• HD Video
• Edge Computing
• Smart Buildings

All these are data intensive and require networks with high capacity, high speeds and complete reliability.

Commercial Building property owners and managers have two key goals. Attract & retain tenants, and oversee maintenance while staying on budget.

In this data sheet, we show how building managers can generate a substantial competitive advantage over other commercial properties by investing in fiber optic networks.

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  • Horizon Properties Group, LLC

“DQE’s commitment to provide fast and reliable fiber service to several of our buildings is a game changer. With their service we have been able to roll out a new co-working brand of office spaces that allow us to provide an even richer office experience to a multitude of new tenants.”

Joshua M Morgan, Director of Technology and Infrastructure // Horizon Properties Group, LLC