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The Challenge

Many financial services companies in Pittsburgh are growing rapidly and expanding into multiple physical locations. This growth means that employees now work from all over the city, but still need access to co-workers as if they were only a desk away.

Advanced video conferencing technology and electronic teller applications have helped these large financial services companies adjust, but these technologies also mean that they depend on reliable and secure bandwidth to keep employees connected. Several of these companies in Pittsburgh found that their networks weren’t reliable enough to support their mission-critical functions. Service outages left them disconnected and halted essential business functions, while a lack of scalability left them unable to adjust to increasing bandwidth demands.

The DQE Solution

DQE Communications customized scalable network configurations that utilize multiple Ethernet Virtual Private Lines in all of their current and future locations. This solution provided branch offices with maximum resiliency to data center resources and scalability, all while lowering operating costs.

DQE Communications consulted each of these leading financial services companies to design custom solutions for their connectivity challenges.

For example, we worked together with one large financial services company to design a custom, scalable network configuration utilizing multiple Ethernet Virtual Private Lines that they could use for all of their locations—present and future. The multi EVPL solution provides branch offices with maximum resiliency to data center resources. Replicating this configuration for all branches allows for the scalability the company desperately needed while also simplifying the network and lowering operating costs. With advanced Metro Ethernet networks, our financial services clients now enjoy:

  • Reliable EVPL Services
  • Secure Private Connections
  • Low Latency for Mission Critical Applications
  • Scalable Network Architecture
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • Secure Cloud-Based Applications

Most importantly, they have peace of mind that their networks are reliable and scalable — so employee productivity and essential business functions can continue smoothly.

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Some happy customers of DQE’s metro ethernet solutions:

  • Clearview Federal Credit Union
  • AIU (Allegheny Intermediate Unit)

“After two years and twenty locations, our DQE circuits continue to perform well and are reasonably priced.”

Rob Upchurch, Network Engineer // Clearview Federal Credit Union