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  1. Key Network Service Attributes that Matter

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    Not all network service providers are created equal. While many may brag about quality and service (and we do that too), we feel very comfortable shouting that we deliver solutions that “fit the customer.” We work with some of the largest companies in the region, while attracting and servicing mid-market companies, as well as small businesses.

    We’ve worked with notable companies in the manufacturing, financial, and technology and media sectors. Through these dedicated projects and experiences, DQE Communications has become known for its:

    • Reliability
    • Security
    • Flexibility
    • Coverage
    • Speed
    • Local Support

    Service Attributes Unique to DQE 

    Speed & Security: Businesses today need the fastest data speeds possible, with the highest level of data security. DQE’s 100% fiber optic network guarantees the utmost security with 24×7 network monitoring, including automatic detection and redirection in case of a network failure, ensuring your business stays connected. With symmetrical upload/download speeds from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps, it’s no wonder why we’re the fastest route to the Cloud.

    Coverage & Reliability: DQE’s redundant ring architecture provides exceptional reliability across our all fiber optic network, encompassing over 2500+ route miles, 1100+ on-net buildings, 33+ business parks, 12 data centers and multiple hub sites. Located in nine counties throughout southwestern Pa., our network continues to expand to meet increasing customer demands.

    Local Support: As your dedicated local provider, we have experienced support teams based right in your area to respond to your company’s needs efficiently and most effectively, on-call 24x7x365.

    Take a look at how our Service Attributes stand up against our competitors.

    Reliability for the Manufacturing Sector

    We’ve jumped in to service some of the area’s largest manufacturing companies to support their mission-critical network connectivity.

    For example, one manufacturer added technological developments such as CAD files, 3-D additive printing, and RFID technology to help improve their processes. Their challenge soon became the unreliable network connection to support their newly implemented advancements. Companies like this one have “dealt with” old copper wire infrastructures, and often times, this network cannot support the expectations of advanced technological developments.

    That’s where DQE comes in; with dependability and reliability that truly sets DQE apart from the competition. DQE Sales Engineers work closely with companies to create tailor-made solutions that scale. “DQE’s custom solutions support the company you are today, and advances you to the company you’ll become tomorrow,” says one of the dedicated engineers.

    In another instance, we provided miles of new dark fiber to a local polymer development company as well as a local steel producer. Our network provided peace of mind, confident that their mission-critical operations will now continue to stay up and running. With DQE’s reliable fiber networks, both of these companies now enjoy:

    • Real time backup capabilities
    • Data center connectivity
    • Disaster recovery
    • Increased bandwidth
    • Proactive protection
    • Automatic re-routing in case of emergency
    • Fastest route to the cloud

    Network Performance for the Financial Sector

    DQE has worked with leading financial institutions in the region. These companies face the challenges of scalability, reliability and network performance.

    For example, 100 bank sites needed to connect to its data center. Each branch location has kiosks that offer remote video to act as a bridge for communication between the branches and the main bank. These videos are important elements to the essential work functions of their business, such as trainings and company meetings. Therefore, having a dependable network with guaranteed performance is key. Working with DQE, these 100 sites had an infrastructure they could heavily rely on for their critical services.

    Flexibility for Your Company

    Companies today are constantly developing new applications and utilizing the cloud. This requires more data storage and flexibility of services. With an online, easy-to-use web portal known as the Customer Control Center (CCC), customers can allocate and monitor bandwidth usage and network performance in real time. With the CCC, the power is in your hands. It enables you to scale your company’s bandwidth on-demand within minutes! No other local provider has these real-time capabilities.

    Enjoy the DQE Communications difference. The difference is our critical service attributes your company needs: reliability, security, flexibility, coverage, speed and local support. Our key service attributes go hand in hand with customer satisfaction, shown through our dedication to the vitality of your business. When you choose DQE as your premier network services provider, you gain a new competitive edge to your business through the most cost-effective, high-performing and reliable network solution customized to fit your business needs.

    Contact us today and start advancing your company to its “tomorrow.”

  2. Choosing an Internet Provider for Your Business

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    The Internet has become highly ingrained into today’s businesses. Some business owners equate the need for connectivity, or an internet provider, to electricity and other crucial services. One in three U.S. companies gain revenue from online sales and an even larger number use the Internet for pertinent company activities. These critical activities are enabled or improved by a reliable, high-speed network. Choosing the right network provider for your organization can be integral to your success. This is especially true in industries like healthcare and e-commerce in which the need is mission-critical.

    Key elements that a business should consider when choosing an internet provider:

    1. Speed
    2. Reliability
    3. Scalability
    4. Security


    Speed is a high priority consideration for business’ Internet services. In order to determine what speed is necessary for operations, one should look at the following factors for guidance:

    1. Number of employees or users
    2. Type of Industry
    3. Applications used and their data rate requirements

    A high-speed connection can be essential for a business. It is also important to find the speed that fits your business needs. According to a McKinsey & Company report, Internet usage has increased productivity and growth by 10 percent for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). For more guidance on speed you can visit our article on fiber optic speeds here.


    Speed and reliability are interconnected to a quality internet provider. A network should be designed to optimize reliability while minimizing latency. An unreliable infrastructure can cost a company. The average cost for a data center outage alone is nearly $6,000 per minute. Therefore, a network’s architecture should have components like redundant rings to inhibit downtime and outages.


    Scalability may be heavily influenced by your company’s industry sector. For example, one industry that is likely to have high scalability standards for online services is healthcare – an industry that consumes 30 percent of the world’s data storage.

    The demand for big data storage capacity is growing. Today’s network infrastructures will need to evolve to keep up with tomorrow’s new technologies and services. Bandwidth scalability will need to be flexible to continue to meet these needs. When bandwidth scalability is crucial to your organization, an Internet provider with a fiber optic infrastructure is our recommendation. Fiber optic cables allow for extra capacity needed to make real-time bandwidth adjustments.


    Data security and privacy are important to every enterprise. Although most data breaches are caused by human error, an infrastructure that does not have the correct security safeguards in place to protect your critical data could result in devastating damage. IBM reported that every week companies face over two million cyber attacks and each breach could cost them over $300,000.

    If your organization wants to control its own network but does not have an infrastructure in place to support it, an Internet service provider with dark fiber is the best option. For instance, DQE Communications does not meter its dark fiber services. Our business clients control their data and transmission speeds and only the business has access to its data.

    However, if that does not apply to your organization, there are some key security components of a quality Internet service provider’s infrastructure. For instance, multi-layered data infrastructure, private network options, and protected data storage centers are just a few characteristics of a quality provider.

    Choosing an Internet provider isn’t like selecting a business card printer or painter for your office. In most cases, the quality of online services influences whether today’s companies thrive or perish. Because we use the Web for so many business functions, make sure you consider these four critical factors when selecting an Internet provider.