Financial Institutions

DQE offers financial institutions reliability, security, speed and resilience - missions accomplished with an SD-WAN Managed Solution.

The Challenge

There’s an unspoken rule in banking: don’t mess with people’s money. And protecting customers’ assets lies in great network security. For financial institutions, that makes their infrastructure key to offering secure money management to customers.

The DQE Solution

Modern problems call for modern solutions. Financial institutions, as well as other multi-site organizations, are finding their solutions lie in the same place: SD-WAN, which stands for software-defined wide area network. It’s an overlay architecture that pulls all the pieces of the network puzzle together in a turnkey solution that can be easily managed on a centralized platform that controls traffic flowp0s and connectivity services. Cloud-friendly inits functionality, SD-WAN offers businesses a unique advantage in directly connecting users to any application whether it is hosted in on-premises data centers and or in a private or public cloud. One of SD-WAN’s key differentiators is that it’s not a one-trick solution that always looks the same. It’s scalable as you add new locations to your existing footprint and it’s unique in its ability to adapt to a wide variety of specific network problems. At DQE, we think of it as the Swiss army knife of networking tools for its seemingly endless problem-solving capabilities for an array of varied and complex network needs.


SD-WAN provides a high level of visibility to your network. You can pull dozens of reports and troubleshoot problems easily across any area of your network. Having visibility will help you identify what issues or security threats exist on the network and monitor the behavior and report on it as well. With greater visibility comes greater control, allowing you to manage your network, but not spend a lot of time doing it. Another piece of the tool that financial institutions will love? The soft cost savings on no longer babysitting a network—perhaps one of the reasons financial institutions are some of the biggest adopters of SD-WAN.

In this case study, we demonstrate the role SD-WAN can play in helping financial institutions augment their data network. This solution provides a flexible, scalable way for you to manage your business network traffic.

Download SD-WAN Case Study
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“At the current adoption rate, we really think that SD-WAN is going to be the true next evolution of networking and will be the standard architecture for a lot of companies’ networks. As this landscape evolves, more and more people are going to be familiar or become familiar with what SD-WAN can do”

Jason Basham, Sales Engineer // DQE