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Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks overwhelm the target with a flood of Internet traffic on a server, website, or network. DQE’s DDoS Mitigation Service can detect and mitigate these attacks before becoming disruptive to your network and potentially compromising business operations.

Real-Time Detection

Proactively monitors your network to identify risk and reduce impact to your network services.

Extra Layer of Security

Alleviate concern of possible threats while improving network availability.

Quick Response Times

Dedicated DQE team of experts rapidly responds to possible attacks, allowing your business to remain hands-off.

Other Services

Business Internet Services

Reliable connectivity for all of your business applications.


Flexible, scalable way for you to manage your business network traffic.

Metro Ethernet

Cost-effective, exceptionally reliable, secure and simple to maintain.

DDoS Mitigation Services Highlights

Easy to Implement

Adapts to existing compliance and regulatory requirements.

Enhance Business Internet Continuity

Adding DDoS Mitigation to your DQE Internet services helps to ensure network reliability and accessibility.

24/7/365 Network Support

DQE’s backbone network is continuously monitored, with local service restoration crews that can be mobilized quickly in the rare event of a fiber impairment.

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