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An Essential Part of Your Business

DQE’s reliable business Internet services encompass all the necessary components to address unexpected Internet encounters and set up your company for success.

Tailored to Your Business Needs

DQE offers various Internet tiers depending on your business’s scope, number of employees, and objectives.

Scalable Bandwidth Levels

Accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously with symmetrical upload/download speeds from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

Network Adaptability

Monitor network performance and increase bandwidth when needed by accessing a secure customer control center (CCC).

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Internet Tiers

Internet Lite Icon

Internet Lite

Ideal for small businesses with limited staff members looking to complete typical day-to-day office tasks.

Basic Internet Access  Icon

Basic Internet Access

Ideal for mid-size businesses looking to complete typical day-to-day office tasks.

Dedicated Internet Access  Icon

Dedicated Internet Access

Ideal for larger businesses depending strongly on Internet access while multiple individuals are accessing the Internet at one time.

Internet Advantage  Icon

Internet Advantage

Dedicated Internet with built-in DDoS Mitigation, which is ideal for businesses that depend strongly on Internet access to ensure crucial data stays safe and workers can access the information they need with no downtime.

Highly Available Internet Access Icon

Highly Available Internet Access

Ideal for larger businesses who view Internet access as highly imperative to their success.

Other Services

DDoS Mitigation Services

Peace of mind for your business.

Metro Ethernet

Unparalleled reliability due to our custom redundant ring configurations.

Guest Wi-Fi

Connection for your customers, privacy for your business.

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Business Internet Services Highlights

ISP Accountability

Service Level Agreements (SLA)* are included to augment near perfect up-time for our dedicated Internet.

Future-Ready, Reliable Foundation

Being 100% fiber-based makes DQE’s reliable business internet resilient, strong, and ready to take on the full potential of the rapidly advancing technological landscape.

Robust Infrastructure

Custom-built, self-healing core ring architecture maximizes dependability, and in the event of a fiber cut, DQE detects and redirects service to maintain a continuous network.

24/7/365 Network Support

DQE’s local, in-house Network Operations Center (NOC) continuously monitors our backbone network and is supported by local service restoration crews that can be mobilized quickly in the rare event of a fiber impairment.

*Not included in our Internet Lite package


  • 100% Fiber-Optic Network
  • Superior reliability, security, and flexibility
  • Easily Scalable Redundant ethernet core
  • High-bandwidth, low-latency
  • Best-in-class Service Level Agreements
  • 24/7/365 Network monitoring
  • Local, in-house Network Operations Center (NOC)

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“Our experience working with DQE is fantastic. I couldn't recommend their services enough.”

Dragan Lazic, Information Technology Manager // Gateway Engineers