Internet Services

Reliable connectivity for all of your business applications.

Your business depends on it.

Your business depends on reliable Internet connectivity. DQE offers three tiers of customized Internet services to meet the individual needs of our customers – all with a 100% fiber-based foundation that provides the most reliable, scalable and flexible Internet service in our region.

Our custom-built ring architecture maximizes reliability and minimizes downtime, while the self-healing core network detects and redirects data traffic in the event of a fiber cut. The network design is founded on redundancy and security.

Our three tiers of Internet to meet varying business demands

  1. Basic Internet Access:
    Your competitive Internet advantage. Best for businesses with less complex Internet access needs.

    • Single Upstream Router
  2. Dedicated Internet Access:
    When dependability matters. For businesses with a strong reliance on Internet access in order to meet business goals.

    • Single Upstream Router
    • SLA Included
    • BGP Peering Support
    • VoIP-Friendly Offering
    • Dedicated Bandwidth, 100% CIR
  3. Highly Available Internet Access:
    For mission-critical reliability. Best for businesses who view Internet access as imperative to their success.

    • All Attributes of Dedicated Internet Access plus additional options:
      • Dual Upstream Routers
      • Redundant Customer Premise Switch
      • Redundant BGP Sessions

Highlights of All Three Internet Tiers

  • 100% symmetrical upload/download speeds from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Secure Customer Control Center (CCC) web portal enables you to monitor bandwidth usage and network performance
  • Exceptionally simple to use and maintain, which means less downtime and greater cost-effectiveness, backed by Service Level Agreements
  • DQE peers with 4 Tier-1 upstream providers, providing customers with maximum reliability and multiple routing paths
  • Redundant core ring architecture means extraordinary reliability
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