Internet Services

Reliable connectivity for all of your business applications.

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Your business deserves dependable internet.

Your business depends on reliable Internet connectivity. DQE offers four tiers of Internet services to meet the individual needs of our customers – all with a 100% fiber-based foundation that provides the most reliable, scalable and flexible Internet services in our region.

  • Basic Internet Access:
    Your competitive Internet advantage. Best for businesses with less complex Internet access needs.
  • Dedicated Internet Access:
    When dependability matters. For businesses with a strong reliance on Internet access in order to meet business goals.
  • Highly Available Internet Access:
    For mission-critical reliability. Best for businesses who view Internet access as imperative to their success.
  • Internet Lite:
    Ideal for Small Businesses, Medical offices, Retail and Restaurant establishments and organizations with limited staff members. Perfect for typical day-to-day office tasks.

Highlights of DQE’s Business Internet Services

  • 100% symmetrical upload/download speeds
  • Access to a Secure Customer web portal to monitor bandwidth usage and network performance
  • Simple to use and maintain, which means less downtime and greater cost-effectiveness
  • DQE peers with 5 Tier-1 upstream providers, providing customers with maximum reliability and multiple routing paths
  • Enhanced the level of security for your organization’s network with DDoS Mitigation Services
Basic, Dedicated & Highly Available Internet Internet Lite

Explore DQE’s Newest Product!

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