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24/7 Connectivity—No Matter What

DQE’s Wireless Backup provides non-terrestrial connectivity to the Internet in the event of a service disruption, protecting your business from potential costs and loss of revenue.

Utilizes Wireless Long-Term Evolution (LTE)

Fourth generation (4G) wireless communication standard provides fast Internet until your network is restored.

Automatic Transition

Your wireless backup automatically activates during an outage and prioritizes mission-critical equipment and applications.

Smooth Installation

A DQE Field Tech will install a wireless backup device in-line with your Internet service.

Other Services

Metro Ethernet

Cost-effective, exceptionally reliable, secure and simple to maintain.


State-of-the-art facilities engineered to protect your business data.

Cloud Solutions

Improved performance, reliability and security to the Cloud.

Wireless Backup Highlights

Stand Out from Competitors

Strengthen your business’s reliability by continuing to operate and provide services to customers without any disconnection.

Easily Add to Current Services

Further enhance performance by utilizing Wireless Backup with your DQE Internet or SD-WAN services.

24/7/365 Support

DQE’s backbone network is continuously monitored, with local service restoration crews that can be mobilized quickly in the rare event of a fiber impairment.

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