Guest Wi-Fi

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Internet for Your Customers, Privacy for Your Business

DQE’s Guest Wi-Fi grants your customers access to the Internet separate from your business’s primary network.

Added Layer of Security

Isolating your business’s network prevents customers from cutting into bandwidth for critical tasks.

Effortless Implementation & Maintenance

A turnkey service in which DQE manages all hardware and software updates.

Enhanced Performance

Impress customers with quick connectivity features including 5 GHz frequency, dynamic channel allocation, and symmetrical upload/download speeds.

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Business Internet Services

5 Tiers of Internet Service to choose from all featuring 100% symmetrical upload/download speeds.

Metro Ethernet

Unparalleled reliability due to our custom redundant ring configurations.


Flexible, scalable way for you to manage your business network traffic.

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Guest Wi-Fi Highlights

Controlled Access

Regulate and limit Internet resources that are available to customers with content filtering.

Reporting/Analytics Portal

Evaluate network performance and user behavior through an easy-to-read portal that provides all relevant data in a few simple clicks.

Virtual AI Assistance

Understand your network and uncover issues quickly with the help of "Marvis," a virtual AI assistant.

24/7/365 Network Support

DQE’s backbone network is continuously monitored, with local service restoration crews that can be mobilized quickly in the rare event of a fiber impairment.


  • 100% Fiber-Optic Network
  • Superior reliability, security, and flexibility
  • Easily Scalable Redundant ethernet core
  • High-bandwidth, low-latency
  • Best-in-class Service Level Agreements
  • 24/7/365 Network monitoring
  • Local, in-house Network Operations Center (NOC)

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“I was amazed at the professionalism, timeliness and low cost of the project. It was a great effort and everything works great.”

Bill Kelmickis, MGR NPR Procurement // Bombardier