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With DQE’s Metro Ethernet, your business can link a multitude of teams and offices by extending your Ethernet local area network (LAN) over our cost-effective, 100% fiber-optic wide area network (WAN).

Dedicated Connectivity

Access to committed speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 10Gbps.

Custom E-LINE or E-LAN Opportunities

Connect two enterprise locations with a high-speed LAN-to-LAN bridge network or connect numerous locations through and beyond the metro area with a private any-to-any LAN.

Superior Protection

Experience a private network that delivers greater security than an internet-based virtual private network (VPN).

Other Services

Wavelength Services

Where high capacity meets increasing bandwidth demand.


Flexible, scalable way for you to manage your business network traffic.

Business Internet Services

Reliable connectivity for all of your business applications.

Metro Ethernet Highlights

Built-In Scalability

Ability to grow with your business, without any need for an expensive proprietary system.

Resilient, Reliable Framework

Custom-built, self-healing core ring architecture maximizes dependability, and in the event of a fiber cut, by detecting and redirecting service to maintain a continuous network.

24/7/365 Network Support

DQE’s backbone network is continuously monitored, with local service restoration crews that can be mobilized quickly in the rare event of a fiber impairment.

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“Everyone from Sales to Engineering and Implementation has been great to work with. After two years and nearly twenty locations, our DQE circuits continue to perform well and are reasonably priced.”

Rob Upchurch, Technical Services // Clearview Federal Credit Union

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