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DQE Communications Achieves Milestones for Proficiency

DQE Communications, known for their expertise in fiber optic networks and Ethernet technologies, has achieved two milestones, specifically, the Metro Ethernet Forum Certification (MEF CE 2.0) and completion of a Service Organization Controls 2 (SOC2) report.

The MEF CE 2.0 was developed to standardize the effectiveness and quality of Metro Ethernet technologies and to verify that service providers are adhering to these standards. To validate their quality of service, DQE Communications received third-party equipment from IQMetrix who specializes in providing automatic reporting and confirmed DQE Communications’ adherence to the MEF standards and earned DQE Communications the MEF CE 2.0 certification. For more information on MEF CE 2.0, visit

In addition, DQE Communications has made available to customers and prospects its first SOC2 Type II Report on its Description of Dark Fiber, Metro Ethernet, Internet and Colocation Services relevant to the trust principles of security and availability (SOC2 Report). SOC2 reports are audited based on criteria stipulated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). The SOC2 reports can be a highly effective tool for customers to help achieve their vendor risk management and compliance objectives. The audit was performed by an independent accountant.

If you are a customer or a prospect and would like to receive a copy of the SOC2 Report, contact DQE Communications at