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Pittsburgh Goes to the Movies with DQE Communications

Hollywood loves Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has been the location for more than 120 movies and productions since 1990.


Naturally, the movie-makers love the variety of architecture, scenic options, and the overall welcoming warmth of our hometown.

But at the end of the day, the film producers are here to do a job; a job that is under a severe time-crunch. Highly scalable and dependent internet connections, as well as a timely installation, are paramount for the success of these projects.

Many of these films that are shot in Pittsburgh are big-budget blockbusters from major studios that use high-resolution, digital, HD recordings. These recordings are massive in file size, and they need to be uploaded and transferred back to the west coast as soon as filming is done for the day.

Typically, a film studio shoots footage at 20 Mbps but needs to increase the speed to 100 Mbps to send footage to the west coast as quickly as possible.

To accomplish this mega-transfer of data, major Hollywood studios, such as 20th Century Fox, rely on DQE Communications’ Internet Services that include DQE’s scalable “Bandwidth on Demand” feature.

With DQE’s Bandwidth on Demand, filmmakers have access to as much bandwidth and speed necessary for their filming process. Once production is complete for the day, they can easily increase their bandwidth capabilities with DQE’s easy to manage online web portal. The guaranteed transfer of large quantities of film back to the west coast at the utmost speeds, security and dependability are all unparalleled to any other local network provider.

In addition to relying on DQE’s burstable Internet Services for guaranteed adaptable and scalable Internet services, the studios have come to rely on DQE’s fast install services near the various movie set locations all around Pittsburgh. No other network services provider can beat the timely and nimble install times DQE can guarantee.

If you find that you need burstable Internet services, “Bandwidth on Demand,” and fast installs for your business, contact DQE Communications.