Autonomous Vehicles

DQE Communications supports the varying needs of Autonomous Vehicle companies with high-performance connectivity

The Challenge

It’s no secret that Pittsburgh is home to some of the nation’s top universities, known for their world-class, interdisciplinary programs primarily in the areas of robotics and engineering. As a result, the city is quickly becoming a vibrant hub for those responsible for designing some of the world’s most innovative advancements in technology. In fact, Pittsburgh is home to several robotics and technology companies that are all making unprecedented advancements in research and development for maps, vehicle safety and autonomous driving.

With dynamic and constantly changing environments, these emerging organizations all tend to face a common issue – an increasing need for fast and reliable network bandwidth. Enterprises seeking to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other applications to transform the automotive sector require large-scale bandwidth connections that not only meet their bandwidth needs now, but also scale easily for their future bandwidth demands.

Additionally, many organizations require access to cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure, which are popular with startups due to the minimal physical hardware and space required to operate. However, organizations need to determine what blend of physical / cloud infrastructure they are comfortable with as connectivity to one’s cloud service is typically done through a dedicated connection or internet.

The DQE Solution

Companies with autonomous vehicle technologies know that DQE has the right solutions to meet their varying needs and their demand for fast and reliable bandwidth. Because autonomous vehicles gather large amounts of data, DQE’s clients can utilize our Wavelength Services to move high volumes of data quickly between facilities for processing. Other clients make use of DQE’s Highly Available Internet Services capitalizing on the benefit of providing redundant equipment, often with physically diverse entrances and a service that utilizes all 5 of DQE’s Tier 1 Upstream providers. DQE’s Cloud Solution is also a valuable solution for Autonomous Vehicle organizations as it offers an on-ramp to cloud platforms, and provides ways for all of the customer’s network services to mesh together seamlessly, taking the burden out of the hands of the client.

Organizations in the autonomous vehicle sector share the desire to be prepared for anything. They require the connectivity and bandwidth to be able to react and respond quickly to changes in their environment without delay so that they are not left behind. In short, they need a provider that can stay one step ahead and be prepared for the next request. DQE has invested heavily in our network and is fully equipped to support the local tech boom and rapid industry advancements. Best of all, we have a proven track record of partnering with emerging organizations from their beginnings and growing with them as they push the boundaries of autonomous vehicle technology.

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“Whether it be 10Gbps of highly available internet, 400 Gbps of site-to-site connectivity, or an onramp to cloud service providers, DQE Communications is ready to provide it on our own footprint, with local knowledge. That's very attractive to our partners in the Autonomous Vehicle sector”

Paul McGinn, Network and IP Engineering Manager // DQE Communications