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DQE Communications customized a Highly Available Internet Service ensuring unimpeded access to dedicated bandwidth with the highest service reliability.

The Challenge

Pittsburgh has become a hub for technology companies that are quickly growing and changing the way we live our lives. These companies make cutting edge advancements and continue growing their customer bases by depending on cloud-based services and on-demand access to the Internet. But as technology companies grow, so does their need for reliable access and increased bandwidth.

Several of Pittsburgh’s most innovative technology companies realized that their employees were restricted in their work due to unreliable and slow Internet access. Without reliable access, these innovators were unable to reach customers or development tools—leaving them stagnant in an ever-changing field.

The DQE Solution

DQE Communications customized a Highly Available Internet Service, providing maximum uptime via a dual upstream router configuration, ensuring unimpeded access to dedicated bandwidth for your business with the highest service reliability.

DQE Communications consulted each of these leading technology companies to pinpoint their precise needs and then design custom solutions for their connectivity challenges.
For example, we partnered with one mobile commerce company to ensure their employees always have access to reliable service and the bandwidth they need. Highly Available Internet Service provides the customer with maximum uptime via a dual upstream router configuration. Furthermore, the customer benefits from low latency access to cloud services. With our customized solution, this company now enjoys:

  • A Highly Resilient Network for Mission-Critical Reliability
  • The Fastest Route to the Cloud
  • Scalability on Demand

Take control over your business’ bandwidth. With our easy-to-use online Customer Control Center, you the customer, are empowered to adjust accordingly to business’ changing bandwidth needs in real-time with DQE’s scalability on demand feature.

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Some happy customers of DQE’s internet solutions:

  • Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
  • Astrobotic
  • Carnegie Museums
  • ATI

“We are very happy we made the move to DQE, their products, services, and people are all fantastic to work with!”

Tom Robshaw, President // Club Prophet Systems