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  1. DQE Announces New Product: Wireless Backup

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    DQE’s newest product, Wireless Backup, will provide a failover solution for Internet access to DQE Internet and SD-WAN customers. This service will help businesses remain operational in the event their primary service becomes inoperable due to a major disaster, severe weather, cyber-attacks, a disruption in fiber or copper services, general IT updates and additional scenarios that result in Internet outages.

    “Businesses are increasingly relying on Internet services to conduct day-to-day operations, and while DQE provides extremely reliable ways for businesses to connect, some businesses seek added assurance,” said Jim Morozzi, CEO of DQE Communications. “Providing a wireless backup service allowing businesses to communicate with customers and employees during unplanned circumstances helps us deliver on our promise to provide superior service to our customers. It also offers our forward-thinking customers of any size a new tool that they can incorporate into their evolving business continuity strategies.”

    DQE can now provide a seamless transition to the Internet for a customer’s critical applications.

    Press Release: DQE Announces Wireless Backup Solution
  2. DQE Communications Enters Market for SD-WAN Managed Services

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    DQE Communications (DQE), the premier provider of high-speed, fiber-optic networking for businesses and carriers throughout Southwestern PA, Eastern OH and Northern WV, is making it easier for companies with geographically-disperse locations to manage their network traffic. By launching its new, SD-WAN Managed Service, DQE is giving businesses the flexibility and scalability they need to support their growth and access cloud services or off-site data centers securely.

    According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), 72% of midsize or large corporations will adopt a multi-cloud or hybrid IT strategy by 2021. Businesses overall are expecting to see a 20% increase in the enterprise bandwidth required per year at branch locations away from a corporate headquarters. As a result, demand for SD-WAN offerings is surging, with 90% of companies planning on implementing this type of solution within the next year.

    “At DQE, we strive to support the evolving needs of our customers,” says Jim Morozzi, President & CEO of DQE Communications. “With our new SD-WAN Managed Service, we can now support customers with branch office locations outside of our widespread fiber optic network footprint. As a centrally managed, turnkey solution, enterprises that partner with us can improve their business agility with secure and easily provisioned services they need. We’re confident our SD-WAN solution will shape the digital transformation of the markets we serve by meeting growing demand for this type of product.”

    Businesses employing DQE’s SD-WAN Managed Service will enjoy the simplicity of deploying the new offering. Implemented as an overlay to a company’s existing or new network connections, DQE monitors and manages all installation, provisioning and software updates while providing customers with enhanced visibility and control through an online web portal. As well, the company offers tailored bandwidth options and even next-business-day equipment replacement with onsite sparing available. Other key features of DQE’s SD-WAN Managed Service include:

    • Speeds of 10Mb to 10Gb over various transport technologies
    • Path conditioning (FEC/POC/QoS) to ensure private line-like performance
    • Load balancing and link bonding to provide extreme reliability
    • Dynamic multi-path control (packet-based routing)
    • Real time traffic steering over broadband or MPLS
    • Business intent overlays (BIO’s)
    • Zero touch provisioning (ZTP)
    • Support for virtual appliances

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