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5 SD-WAN Questions and Answers

SD-WAN: Five little letters that hold so much mystery. Many companies are doing their research when it comes to this networking solution to determine if an SD-WAN managed services architecture could be the reliable, secure solution they’re looking for. Because SD-WAN is known as a powerful tool for smartly directing traffic and connecting offices across many locations, it’s a network architecture that many mid-size and large corporations are looking to for increased operational efficiency and support.

To Remain competitive, modern businesses are required to:

  1. Serve a growing number of customers globally
  2. Maintain a global reach
  3. Modernize capabilities while dealing with changing technologies

72% of mid-size or large corporations will adopt a multi-cloud and/or hybrid strategy by 2021. 20% anticipated increase in enterprise bandwidth required per year at branch locations Network traffic is expected to double every 3 years.

What are SD-WAN Services?

SD-WAN is a virtual software-defined wide area network.

SD-WAN connects businesses to applications in on-premise data centers and/or private or public clouds.

SD-WAN allows businesses to connect to different users with different device types and automatically segment traffic to branches.

How Does SD-WAN Work?

SD-WAN separates network services from the applications businesses want to use.

Separating the network means the needs of individual locations can be met.

Data is sent via the most appropriate transport for maximum efficiency.

How Can SD-WAN Help My Business?

SD-WAN supports businesses that need agile, modern solutions for managing their network traffic as they add new locations to their existing footprints.

SD-WAN is particularly helpful for businesses with multiple locations, as well as businesses that use cloud-based apps, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Why Should My Business Consider SD-WAN?

90% of companies are expected to implement SD-WAN within the next year.

It’s a cost-effective and secure way to improve application performance using one central location.

An SD-WAN solution gives you:

  • More reliability to ensure business continuity
  • More resiliency so you can focus on your business
  • The ability to utilize cloud-based services

It enables enhanced experiences for customers and employees by making day-to-day operations more efficient.

SD-WAN solutions ensure employees at all branches have access to the same communication and collaboration tools.

How Do I Pick the Right Provider For My Business?

Look for a provider based in your area. Providers in your region are more likely to have a team of professionals who are familiar with the unique challenges of your environment.

Providers with a local presence can often give you the flexibility needed to tailor solutions to the unique needs of your business.

Regional provides can often support remote locations outside of their footprint, giving you reach and flexibility.

SD-WAN Infographic

Approximately 90% of companies are expected to adopt an SD-WAN architecture this year. If you’re examining it as a business solution, this infographic can help. It answers the top 5 questions about SD-WAN to help you understand its key features and abilities.

Take five minutes to read this info-packed graphic to get up-to-speed on all your SD-WAN networking questions!

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