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Digital Transformation and Partnership: The Winning Combination for Today’s Businesses

The hardest part of enacting change often isn’t identifying what needs to change but identifying the right process for success. Picture this: you know your car needs new brakes, but you’ve never installed them yourself. You have two realistic choices: head over to YouTube and stream hours’ worth of content on how to change them yourself or pick up the phone and dial your mechanic. Both are viable options, but one is a time saver—and honestly, when it comes to brakes, maybe a lifesaver too. At the very least, it’ll put your mind at ease because of the expertise used to install the brakes.

Work Smarter to Climb Faster: Pick Your Project, Pick Your Partner

On a company level, you don’t have to look far to find real-life examples of when combining forces makes the most sense to have the most impact. Take GoPro and Red Bull, for example, two companies that entered into an exclusive partnership in 2016 to leverage each other’s brands and skills to the benefit of both companies. The multi-year, global partnership gave GoPro access to film nearly 2,000 Red Bull events and share content rights. Similarly, Red Bull’s campaigns got a boost from first-person shots and breathtaking films that captured the spirit of both brands: to be bold, fearless and adventurous.

A more realistic example for everyday businesses, such as banks, manufacturing facilities, medical offices, B2C companies and even educational institutions, is the hot topic of digital transformation. As companies look to move more of their operations into an efficient, reliable and secure digital environment, they know what needs to be done, but sometimes the best way to do it can be a challenge to identify. Some of today’s common tech terms can be head-scratchers, like SD-WAN, cloud, wavelength and DDoS – particularly if companies don’t have a robust in-house IT staff who can explain, identify and select the correct services from the right provider.

Looking for an Edge with Tech? Focus on Your Network First

According to Statista, spending on digital transformation is prepped to hit 1.78 trillion dollars in 2022 as businesses prioritize their adoption of digital technology. The pandemic, stretching on longer than anyone initially imagined, has exacerbated the need for digital transformation as many employees have moved to a hybrid work environment. Statista notes that 97% of companies say the pandemic sped up their digital transformation efforts and the number one priority for business during COVD-19 is increasing operational efficiency. Companies may know they need to support dispersed employees, but the next step, the “how”, is the hard part. Like taking your car to the mechanic, many are finding support in partnerships with trusted digital transformation consultants.

Reexamining the brake example above, the choice for how to proceed with digital transformation becomes even clearer: when it comes to migrating workloads to the cloud, leveraging an SD-WAN overlay for seamless network operations and more, you want a trusted partner to assist.

DQE: Your Partner, Your Solution

DQE has all of that know-how, plus managed service offerings that make digital transformation or everyday business technology needs a breeze to enact. In fact, our motto is “Your Partner, Your Solution.” Most recently, we rolled out a Guest Wi-Fi service, which has put us in contact with businesses in our community looking for the type of digital transformation support we provide. Guest Wi-Fi can offer a “make it or break it” type edge for businesses looking to get new customers in the door or keep existing ones coming back. Perfect for restaurants, doctors’ offices, dealerships and more, Guest Wi-Fi can be an excellent introduction to other digital transformation initiatives that can take your business into the future.

From more efficient operations to faster business internet, reliable bandwidth or better ways of connecting different branches of your business to your corporate HQ, DQE has IT solutions that can assist you on your digital transformation journey. Our services include Internet, Metro Ethernet, Dark Fiber, SD-WAN, Colocation, Wavelength, Cloud, Guest Wi-Fi, DDoS Mitigation and Wireless Backup with unbeatable personal service.

If you are considering deploying a service like Guest Wi-Fi or another digital transformation initiative, reinforcing your network connectivity is step 1. No matter what, we can help point you in the right direction – no upselling or inflating, just straight facts. Contact us and let’s chat!