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Wholesale Fiber

Fostering Faster Communications with Fiber Optic Networks

Telecom providers worldwide have a responsibility to connect people through providing a conduit to exchange information and they’re expected to utilize the latest technologies to meet that goal.

It’s no secret that the use of cellphones and other devices is increasing. Paired with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), demand for more data at faster speeds is steadily growing. In 2019, there were 41.3 billion internet users worldwide. In 2018, the average daily time spent with the internet per capita was 161 minutes, with experts predicting a rise to 192 minutes per day by 2021.

DQE recently published a data sheet demonstrating the role fiber-based network services can play in helping carriers, including mobile operators, adjust to the growing demands of new data transmission systems, including IoT and 5G.

The future of next gen network architectures like 5G depends on fiber-based network solutions. Wireline fiber is critical for 5G wireless to meet projected performance metrics. Mobile operators are already familiar with traditional fiber-based backhaul between a remote tower and a centralized headend. However, as they holistically revamp entire network structures to support the growing needs of their subscribers, they will require fiber in a myriad of alternate configurations. Example use cases include:

  • Mobile Fronthaul
  • Mobile Backhaul
  • Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
  • Software-defined networking (SDN)

Optical fiber network solutions are the fastest and most reliable, and its benefits go well beyond the world of mobile operators. The medical, data storage, video on-demand service fields and more can all benefit from the lower latency, increased bandwidth, network density, better signal strength and reliability that come with fiber-based solutions.

Are you ready to strengthen your offerings with fiber optic connectivity? DQE offers carriers, service providers and others a variety of customizable, fiber-based wholesale network solutions that meet their requirements for fast, reliable bandwidth. Our solutions will ultimately help you provide a stronger experience for your customers, which is key when it comes to helping people connect. Solutions include:

To learn more about the role a fiber optic network can play for you, download our data sheet, or contact us.

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