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Win More Customers by Offering Guest Wi-Fi

Many businesses set goals all throughout the year. More than likely, one of those goals is to attract and retain new customers. While there are many ways to get there, one powerful and simple way to get after your goal – providing Wi-Fi to your customers!

Why Guest Wi-Fi Is So Important

You might do a double-take: “Wi-Fi internet for my customers?” Absolutely. Just look at what the statistics from this Wi-Fi Risk Report say:

  • 35% of customers access existing Wi-Fi networks without the network owner’s permission
  • 49% of people say that a free Wi-Fi network is a deciding factor when choosing a place to eat or drink
  • 75% of individuals say it’s a factor in choosing a hotel or holiday rental property
  • 57% of Americans only wait a few minutes after arriving at their destination before logging onto a Wi-Fi network or asking for the Wi-Fi password

As you can see, offering Guest Wi-Fi can be a huge benefit for your business. For customers undecided on whether to give your business a chance, this service could very well be the deciding factor in getting them in the door. What does this mean to you? It gives you the chance to win them over and help your business get back on track before the end of the year.

It’s clear that offering Guest Wi-Fi is great news for your customers, but it can also offer some significant benefits to you too. Think back to the first statistic we shared about customers accessing Wi-Fi without permission — do you see the security problem inherent in that? Simply put, Guest Wi-Fi is a way to give visitors internet access without also giving them entry to other, internal parts of your network like your databases or even security cameras. Guest Wi-Fi enables you to limit internet resources available to your customers and apply strict web content filters. This allows you to ensure that the network you and your employees use performs as needed and that your guests are not visiting inappropriate websites where they could unknowingly download ransomware, viruses, and other cyber threats. With Guest Wi-Fi, you win from both a customer-service and network security perspective.

Interested in Offering Guest Wi-Fi? We Can Help!

Providing internet access for customers is a great form of customer service. Better yet, you can offer internet access for customers while adding a layer of privacy to your network. That’s where DQE’s Guest Wi-Fi comes into play. DQE’s Guest Wi-Fi is a turnkey service that includes an access point(s), switch, firewall, and DQE internet connection. The access points will grant internet access for your customers, separate from your business’ primary network. This will help safeguard your network, while your customers happily surf the web.

Stay tuned for updates on our Guest Wi-Fi offering! In our next blog on the subject, we’ll take a deeper dive into just how simple and easy it can be to adopt and deploy this service. With our white-glove approach to customer service and our extensive, reliable fiber optic network infrastructure, Guest Wi-Fi could be the ticket to winning new business this fall.

To learn more about our latest offering, download our product brochure here and contact us for even more details.