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Is Your Business Ready for Dark Fiber?

Dark Fiber Might be the Right Solution for Your Business

Dark fiber is the term used to describe fiber optic cable that is not used at the time. Installing excess fiber optic cables is a proactive and long-term cost-saving approach for scaling bandwidth. Dark fiber makes it easy for businesses and Internet service providers to scale bandwidth as the demand for faster data and transmission speeds increase.

During the 1990s, installation of excessive amounts of fiber optic cabling surged. There was a strong belief that new technologies would need enormous levels of bandwidth.

Today, fiber optic networks hold the highest speed and data capabilities compared to many other network infrastructures. One drawback is that installation can be costly for businesses to install independently. Thus, dark fiber may be the best solution for a business seeking private, secure and fast networks with scalable bandwidth on which to operate.

DQE Communications originated in 1997, in the midst of the “dot com” era, and has dark fiber available. They also continue to expand their infrastructure and footprint throughout southwestern PA.

Benefits of Dark Fiber

A dark fiber network can provide a business with many benefits:

  1. Easy to manage – Businesses can manage and control their own data and transmission speeds. This provides optimum security for many different industries.
  2. Customization – With control comes the freedom to customize your network to meet your business needs. You can adjust your bandwidth how and when you see fit.
  3. Speed – DQE’s dark fiber is 65,000 times faster than a T1 Line, which means that a business could transmit a 12.5 GB file every single second.

Is Dark Fiber for You?

Dark Fiber is ideal for businesses that have:

  1. Gross revenue comparable to Fortune 500 companies
  2. Established locations
  3. High bandwidth and flexibility needs
  4. Dedicated infrastructure and equipment

Healthcare and Education are good examples of industries benefiting from using dark fiber services. Dark fiber provides security, speed and flexibility that is pertinent for these companies.

For more information on dark fiber networks and DQE Communications’ dark fiber options, you can visit our website.

Please see DQE’s network coverage map and find out how close we are to serving your businesses dark fiber network needs today.

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