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The Importance of Data Centers for Today’s Businesses

Data Centers are Vital to Securing Information

The daily operation of today’s enterprise is reliant on secure storage and optimization of vital data. Businesses’ connections with their customers and end-users rely on the use of online information and data centers. In a Ponemon Institute study, 71 percent of respondents agreed that business models are more dependent on the data center. Many businesses rely on them to generate revenue and conduct e-commerce.

The strategic use of information can benefit companies. But, the information has to be managed and secured properly or it could cause them to plummet. Preventing a data disaster and having a fast disaster recovery response time is integral to some businesses’ success. A reported 30 percent of those that experience a data outage never recover.

Managing and operating a data center takes many different efforts and components. But, the cost of colocation can be minimal in comparison. It reduces the costs incurred by breaches, disaster recovery, downtime, and other data center crises. The average cost per minute of unplanned downtime alone is close to $8,000. The highest cost incurred by an organization for a single downtime event was more than $1.7 million.

Colocation, or off-site storage of data, is essential to and holds many benefits for companies.

Benefits of DQE Communication’s Colocation Service Offering:

  • Cost-effective – Businesses do not have to invest in the equipment, security, infrastructure, and other components needed to maintain a secure data center.
  • Access to fiber optic Internet speed – Our fiber optics network allows for high-speed, secure transfer of vital information to the data center.
  • Power reliability – Our colocation sites are equipped to handle power outages with generators and power grids on site.

It is evident that data is essential to the success of today’s companies. It is also essential for the management of business information to meet the highest standards of security and flexibility.

DQE Communications’ colocation services are equipped to protect your organization’s mission critical data and provide customized solutions. To learn more about how DQE can meet your data center needs visit our colocation services page.

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