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High-Speed Fiber: The Power Behind E-commerce

DQE Takes Time for a Q&A about the Power Behind E-Commerce

Businesses today need the fastest data speeds possible, the highest level of service reliability, and the most dependable support. We know that your data network is a critical element of your operation.

DQE explains the benefits of high-speed fiber, specifically in the e-commerce industry in the following Q&A.

Q: Recently, Google’s High-Speed Fiber Network has gotten a bad rap for being unreliable at times. How do companies like DQE Communications achieve the happy medium of providing speedy, yet reliable Internet service?

A: DQE’s fiber is inherently fast and reliable. But it’s not just about delivering fast Internet service. The key is that providers also have to deliver on how to effectively and efficiently manage the network correctly. Being Pittsburgh-based means that we can provide the fastest installations possible, with local customer service, with support and operations teams on call 24x7x365.

In addition, we provide reliable service through our superior design and network infrastructure, completely designed with redundancy for exceptional reliability.

Q: E-commerce has become a $220 billion industry and online retail sales are on track to hit $370 billion by 2017. How has this growth of e-commerce affected DQE Communications?

A: We’ve seen a demanding growth for the need for speed. And with this, bandwidth requirements keep increasing each year. Primarily, advancements in technology and mobile applications are creating the bandwidth demand to skyrocket.

We currently serve customized Internet connectivity to some of Pittsburgh’s largest retail providers. DQE provides these businesses with Highly Available Internet Access service, giving them connectivity they can rely on for the success of their business. By hosting their servers in two different locations, we enable them to maintain business continuity via physically diverse, reliable fiber rings.

The growth of the e-commerce industry gives us more opportunity to provide highly reliable Internet connections so people can successfully do their online business-to-business transactions.

E-commerce was once a luxury for people, but now it’s a necessity. To achieve customer satisfaction and better user experiences for the e-commerce side of your business, you need a network infrastructure that keeps you connected and available at all times. You don’t want your server to time-out or users to get stuck on web pages. If you’re betting on selling your service online, you’ll need a reliable provider like DQE.

DQE’s total fiber miles now add up to 280,000+, constructing 281 miles of fiber in 2014 alone.

Q: For businesses that view Internet access as imperative to their success, what DQE Internet service should they choose?

A: DQE’s Highly-Available Internet solution. This tier of Internet Service leverages dual-homed upstream routers and 100% CIR provisioning. Plus, it increases the level of reliability by providing options for a standard redundant switch at your premise, as well as redundant BGP sessions.

Customers with all tiers of DQE Internet Services enjoy 100% symmetrical upload/download speeds, customizable from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps to fit their individual business needs.

Reliability is in our design. We install two switches at the end of each connection to point traffic to multiple upstream providers. The purpose behind this design is to remove any single points of failure. So, if any issues within the network arise, your business remains connected.

Q: What are the benefits of High-Speed Fiber?

A: Data needs to move at higher speeds and greater distances than ever before. Fiber provides more bandwidth to enable the speed and distance to happen, with its scalability and standardized performance of up to 10+ Gbps.

Again, reliability is naturally built into it.  DQE’s redundant ring architecture offers extraordinary reliability, unmatched by any traditional telecommunication network service.

DQE is directly connected to 5 Tier-1 upstream providers: AT&T, Sprint, Cogent, Level3 and CenturyLink. These trusted relationships provide you with maximum reliability and network flexibility, ensuring best path routing. This ability means our routers will point the connection directly to the network you need to reach, improving design, latency, and your network performance.

Rest assured, by choosing DQE Communications, you have the fastest data speeds possible, the highest level of service reliability, and the most dependable support for all of your business’ networking needs.

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