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Significant Operational Savings Linked to Dark Fiber

Through the use of dark fiber (i.e. fiber optic strands without equipment connected), companies can achieve significant savings associated with its operational expenses. Over a short period of time, the operational savings will pay for the cost of the build-out, not to mention the significant ongoing savings and potential for rapid bandwidth growth when needed.

These savings are primarily achieved due to the benefits associated with customizing a cost-effective dark fiber network:

Technologically Neutral – with dark fiber, you have complete control of the fiber and free rein to choose the equipment you prefer, such as routers and switches, to “light” your network. When determining which equipment vendor is best for your needs, you are self-governed to find, locate and install according to your business’ necessities and budget.

Nearly Unlimited Bandwidth – bandwidth capabilities are dependent on the electronics your company chooses to put on the Dark Fiber strand, once again giving you complete control of your network to ensure its capabilities are most effectively suited to and customized for your business demands.

Full Ownership and Control of the Network – being technology-neutral means businesses can use their Dark Fiber network for virtually any application, including: voice and data communications, Internet access, video, disaster recovery, fiber backhaul, data storage, and more! Interconnections can be single entry, point-to-point, dual entry, diverse ring, or customized to your own private network build. Best of all, your fiber is strictly dedicated to your business, ensuring the utmost privacy and data security.

Upgrades at Your Own Pace – your company’s upgrades are based on its individual needs and internal business timing. With dark fiber, you have the control to plan and schedule bandwidth adjustments according to business urgencies. For example, if you want to upgrade from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps, you can easily do so at any given time without contacting the fiber provider or paying additional fees for the fiber services. Your monthly fiber lease rate does not change.

DQE’s Dark Fiber Service includes ongoing Support Maintenance to Your Infrastructure – unlike some service providers, when you choose DQE there are no additional costs associated with maintaining and supporting your fiber optic network outside of your corporate location. DQE maintains the crews, installs and tests the fiber and operates a 24x7x365 NOC.

When your business demands unlimited bandwidth with maximum control and 24x7x365 network reliability and security, you can rely on DQE Communications’ customized Dark Fiber solution.

To learn more about these opportunities for operational savings, and the benefits of DQE’s Dark Fiber solutions.

For more insight, check out DQE’s Industry Solution, focusing on Dark Fiber within the Manufacturing sector.

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